Thursday, April 15, 2010

In a Surprising Turn Of Events: The Cat Lives!!

Remember the last post about Theo, our old cat? The one where he was hanging by his neck from the top of the garage door? Right, that one. Well, although visibly shaken from the episode, he is not going down without a fight!

Its been difficult to get him out of the garage since "the accident". I mean, would you go out if your last experience included a leisurely stroll on the overhead door that ended with you dangling by your neck 10 feet off the ground? Understandable he's a little, um, leery.

(OK. Side note. Remember this post about the racoon problem we were having? Where we caught the 'coon in the live trap because it was eating all the cat food at night? Well, I think the racoon's little friend is back, so I re-set the live trap right outside the cat door of the garage. I loaded it with cat food, prepped the trap door and went to sleep.)

We woke up the other morning and BAM! we had something in the trap. So, I run out to see what kind of cat-food-stealing-machine we have. And, we have Theo, our cat, in the trap! On his maiden voyage from the garage. He looked terrified. All the food was eaten (although there was still some in his bowl in the garage too.) And, I'm almost embarrassed to report this isn't the first time we've caught him. Perhaps not the fastest learner? So, strike two. Head in door. Cat in trap. Wasn't that a Dr. Suess book? I digress...

(OK. Side note. Remember this post where I parked outside the garage with my sunroof openj in the pouring rain and the next morning my seat warmers electrocuted my ass on the way to work?)

So, yesterday was beautiful! And as I'm driving home I opened my sun roof - and it was awesome! So, as I pull into the garage (I know, you were thinking it would be a repeat of the butt shocking story, didn't you?) I close the sunroof. It sensed an object in the way (like my hand..) and wouldn't close all the way so, it stayed open about 5 inches. Not a big deal, right? I was inside after all. And, it was beautiful outside. And, I was inside, right? Right?

About 8:30 last night Todd goes outside and says from the deck, "What's up with your car? Come look at this." I step out on to the deck and through the window in my garage you can see flashing lights coming from inside. Obviously its coming from my car. And there's no audible noise (like, an alarm?), so I don't imagine it can be an alarm - I don't think I even have an alarm. (The truth is I don't lock my car unless I'm at the mall and there are buttons on my key that I'm not sure what they do, so maybe I do have an alarm..) Anyway, upon further inspection I find the following:
  1. Many, many fresh cat prints on the top of my car. Of which one set leads directly towards the open sunroof window but doesn't continue past it.
  2. My flasher button (which on the console directly below the open section of sunroof) depressed.
  3. A somewhat flustered looking, old cat on the work bench.
I'm no scientist (oh, wait, yes I am...) but my suspicions are that Theo walked along the top of my car like he usually does, didn't suspect the roof window was open, fell through the sunroof, hit the flasher button and somehow scrambled back out of the car. I can only assume it was him after his string of somewhat poor showings. Is this the world's worst case of kitty-seimers? This poor cat.

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