Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone?

Here's the Bumbo when he was only a month or so old and we had to roll up a burp rag to get him sitting upright:

And here's Colt in the Bumbo at about 3 months:

And now here his is at 6 months. Loving the carrots! Hopefully that's a good sign he'll grow up to love his vegetables and we won't have to nag him to eat them. We'll see!

I don't know if anyone else thinks it's totally hilarious that he passed up his entire toy collection so he could chew on a raw carrot. Maybe he's going to be a chef? He loves to sit in the Bumbo and watch dinner being made! Personally, I think the Bumbo is the best invention in the last, oh, 30 years!

Note to self: Perhaps I should change the angle of the shot so I don't capture the entire rack of wine glasses in the background? I like to think of those afternoon cocktails as "mommy's little helpers." (I noticed there are considerably more glasses missing during the 3 month shoot than the 6 month one.) Hmm. ;) 


  1. OMG I was JUST going to say that month 3 must have been rough. Ha ha!

  2. HILARIOUS. You can always measure how rough a particular developmental stage is by the number of missing wine glasses. ;-)

  3. I loved our Bumbo until a certain child started diving (with it still attached) onto the floor, so be careful... and I love the wine glasses, I tell Rob all the time that it is a good thing we cant drink cause I think I would have become an alcholic by now, so drink one for me every now and again!!