Friday, April 16, 2010

..Just When You Think You're Cool....

So, I drive in to the coffee stand this morning (because, you guessed it - night shift again!!) to grab a cup of coffee on my way to town. Todd thinks its a waste of money, but I have cut down massively on my latte consumption and sometimes splurge with a "treat" for myself. Today was such a day.

There is one stand I go to occasionally where they recognize me and know what I order, so I tend to go there. I drive up, baby in tow, and say hi to the girl. She first gave me this look like she didn't recognize me, then once I started talking, it apparantly jogged her memory and she started talking to me. She asks how the baby is doing, so I pull forward a little and roll the back window down so she can see him. "The usual?" "No." I say, "I'll have the special (a cherry mocha - doesn't that sound good?)." And, it was so beautiful and sunny out today that, not only was I wearing sunglasses - for the second day in a row - but I said, "Ohh...and I'll have it iced too. MMmm.."

I grab my drink, start to drive off and think to myself, "Maybe I need to get new sunglasses...these ones just don't seem to be blocking the light like they used to. That's weird. They were fine yesterday."

And, it was then, in a moment of terror-stricken self idiocy, I realized that the reason she looked at me funny when I drove up and the reason I thought I needed new sunglasses was because I didn't have my sunglasses on at all. I was wearing my stupid gigantic, neon-blue rimmed, ANSI approved, wrap around SAFETY GLASSES from work. I keep them in my console and had grabbed them instead of my uber-hip sunglasses when I left the driveway. Freaking moron. Because that's how I roll: one fricking fashion disaster after another.

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  1. As Paris Hilton would say, "That's hot." Awesome, Awesome moment you had there! Eric Bradford