Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Good Friday!

So, the only thing worse than being late to work on a holiday shift is being late to work on a holiday shift and walking in on your boss performing your job because you're late to work. Awesome.

Holidays at my job are on a rotating schedule. I wasn't actually scheduled to work this one (Good Friday), but traded a coworker Labor Day for Good Friday so we can go on our family road-trip later this year. Anyway.

 Scene: My house, Friday, 5am. Alarm goes off. Snooze. Alarm goes off. Baby's hungry. Feed baby. Alarm goes off. Still feeding baby.

5:45. Me: "Oh crap. I'm going to be late." (I was scheduled at 6am - a shift I don't usually work.)
Todd: "Since you're already late, will you change the baby and get him dressed?"
Me: "Sure." What's 15 minutes on a holiday morning really going to do? Shut the place down? It'll be fine.
6:05. Leave the house.
Scene: My work, 6:20am. Arrive to work and see Joe's (my boss) truck in the parking lot. Hmm. Weird. Maybe he got a ride home. So, as I go in the back door (arms completely full of the groceries I brought to cook an amazing breakfast for my coworker and myself), I notice all the lights are on. And there's my boss: sitting at the flash point tester. Running a test!? WTF?

I do a mental check. Friday? Yes. Holiday? Yes. Late? Yes. Looking sheepish? Yes. Totally confused? Yes.

Boss: "What are you doing here?"
Me: "What are YOU doing here?"
Boss: "They needed something and I didn't want to call anyone in. And, Courtney never showed up for work at 6am."
Me: "Uhh. I'm working for Courtney."
Boss: "Why are you working for Courtney?" (I didn't have the heart to tell him she was on a job interview, so I pulled the whole "we swapped days" thing.) "I don't want you working everyone's holidays."
Me: "But, we get scheduled for holidays anyway. And we're running short staffed already today since you never scheduled someone in to cover Roland (who's out on knee surgery.)"
Boss: "Oh. I'm still asleep."
Me: "Yeah. Tell me about it. Me too."
Boss: "Go ahead and order lunch on the company since you're running short staffed. Have a good day. I'm going home."

See? See how I totally turned that around and convinced him he was actually to blame for all the problems of that day? Not only that, but he had to ask me to check and make sure he was running the test right! In my mind I kinda won. But, really. Do you ever win when you walk in late and find your boss doing your job? Not really. I apologized profusely for being late, blamed it on the baby (he's so cute - how could you not buy that one?), promised it would never happen again and still feel bad about it today.

Great start to the weekend, huh?

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