Monday, April 19, 2010

Bonnie The Hairy-Armed Pancake

Note to Bakerview International House Of Pancakes and all other Houses of Pancakes:

If you are going to have a lovely, smiley, blue gigham-clad pancake character outside on the weekend mornings waving at passerbys, trying to drum up business by selling more pancakes, might I offer you this suggestion: Get the GUY wearing the suit (with the name BONNIE blazened across his chest, adorned with long, seductive eyelashes) to, at the minimum, MINIMUM, wax his ultra-hairy arms. No one wants to drive up, wave at "Bonnie", think "Mmmm...pancakes sound good," and then barf a little in their mouth when they spot the half-ape you've hired to wear the suit.

I'm just saying. 

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