Friday, April 9, 2010

Chivalry Is NOT Dead!

This morning as part of my mad dash to town before reporting for my night shift (still angry about that one) I stopped in to Costco to stock up on formula. The idea of running out of formula had terrified me in the past, but I had not actually considered I would actually run out...until today.

Anyway, mad dash to Costco... it must have been some Canadian long weekend (don't they have at least one a month?) or something because the place was packed. I ended up walking from nearly a mile (literally) away and opted for the stroller instead of a shopping cart. (I was, after all, only after formula and the stroller really limits my last minute we-can't-live-with-1000-taquitos grab happy habit.)

So, after a record setting bob-and-weave manuever through the aisles (where do all these people come from?) I headed straight for the checkout. As per usual, there was a massive backlog of incredibly impatient shoppers wanting to checkout at the very instant I was interested in it as well. Whatev. I parked the stroller in what appeared to be a very long line that snaked on forever, but was feeding (from what I could see) about 4 checkout lines. Perfect! This will go so fast!

I inched my way up and as the line started to split off into respective checker lines, I was forced to make a very difficult decision: Do I get behind the TWO flat bed carts with about 40 cases of pop (hello? cavity city?) or the older lady with a modest basket. Pop. Old lady. Pop. Old Lady. Old Lady. And just as I give up my precious spot in line to park behind the lesser of the evils, an even older man pops out from the vitamin section and TOTALLY CUTS ME OFF. I momentarily consider listing off a series of done-me-wrongs (something to the tune of "CUTTER!! The line starts back there! What are you, blind? Is this your first time to Costco or what?"), but instead I patiently and respectfully took my spot in line behind him. (Note to self: Next time take shortcut through the vitamins.)

I couldn't have asked for anything worse: his basket is filled ENTIRELY full with about 500 tiny little items, he's clutching a coupon book, probably wants it all packed in boxes and is paying in cash. Come on buddy!! Then, just as I'm trying to burn little holes in his head with my laser eyes - he grabs his card off the conveyor, turns around, smiles and says, "Why don't you go ahead of me? You only have two things and you have a baby." I nearly burst into tears. What a sweetheart! And then, as I checked out he made funny faces at the baby, asked how old he was and recounted how badly he missed having his own grandkids around more. You see, they used to own the house across the street from his daughter, but once all his kids left home they needed something smaller, so they moved across town. Now everyone is so busy with growing up (one grandkid does soccer, the other does baseball) that he doesn't see them every day anymore like he used to. Although, they do still manage to get to the grandkid's games sometimes, but not if they're late in the afternoon - he doesn't see well enough at night to drive. I chatted with him for a bit while he checked out, then started craving a Polish dog and Diet Coke so bad I had to say goodbye.

And to think I tried to set his head on fire with my laser beam eyes. Bad form Rikki, bad form.

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