Friday, April 9, 2010

No, I'm Not Homeless and Sleeping in My Car...

This week has been crazy at work. Nearly half my coworkers are out with surgery or on vacation. Literally. Half the people are gone. It's been so crazy that, instead of taking my usual Tuesday or Wednesday off, Todd took Tuesday off to watch the baby so I could go in to work.

And, since we're so short staffed my boss moved me to the swing shift on Thursday and Friday. Swing shift? I haven't worked a night shift since 2007! After the whole Good Friday thing when I came in late and my boss was doing my job, I've been trying to get on his good side. Which meant saying with a smile, "Oh. Of course. I see. Yes. That'll be no problem for me to work those night shifts.", when really what I wanted to say is, "Are you nuts? I haven't worked a night shift since 2007? I don't even know how to do half the stuff anymore. And, remember? I just had a baby? When am I going to sleep? NO WAY!!!" But, no. I just smiled and agreed. And here I am, 5:00 on Friday night - an hour and a half into my shift, drag-ass tired with a low grade headache. I will be on time for the rest of my life if he just takes me off this night shift thing. Ugh.

Last night? Not too bad. Worked until midnight, to sleep by 1:00am, up at 5:30 to feed, back to bed until 6:45. Grand total: Just over 5 hours of sleep!

We headed out to Target this morning feeling alright. Because, really? There's nothing that lifts your spirit like a trip to Target (right, Amy?!) Tired, but functioning. I park, turn off the car and, of course, Colt is racked out in the back seat. And I'm thinking: "Not a bad idea little buddy." So, I put my seat back, put on my shades, lock the doors and put myself down for a nap. I didn't even have to cry it out. I was out! My built in alarm clock (read: baby in backseat) woke us up 45 minutes later and we went on our way. I think we both felt a little better after that nap. Take it when you can get it I guess. Makes me wonder if my mom EVER slept with THREE of us demons running around?


  1. Oh honey that sounds rough, I wish I was closer so Colt could come hang out with us so you could get a nap. And as a mom of three little demons of my own, I do occasionally get a nap, cause I make them take naps at the same time. ;)

  2. THREE CHEERS FOR THE POWER NAP, WHATEVER FORM IT MAY COME IN. This week I managed to sneak in one 20-minute cat nap and felt like a new woman afterwards. And working a night shift? Are you kidding me? You rock, woman. You rock.