Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cat-trastophy. Seriously.

...because I couldn't make this shit up:

This morning while backing out of the garage I realized I had left my wedding ring sitting on the kitchen counter. (I made rice crispy treats and we all know how gooey that gets, so I slipped it off and forgot to put it back on.) So, feeling naked without it, I stopped the car, hit the garage "close" button and made a dash for the house to grab it. As I opened the car door I heard the garage door seat a little loud, like it had smashed the ground - a noise it doesn't usually make. And that was when I heard the hissing/screeching/scrambling/clawing/oh-shit-this-isn't-right thing start. I immediately scan the bottom of the garage door because, god forbid, it sounded like a cat was pinned under there. Hmm. No cat. Weird.

And then I see it. Theo, the oldest (and not the most visually adept) of my two cats - hanging from the upper portion of the garage door - scrambling for his life, hissing, howling and all around pissed off. How do you get trapped in the top of the door?? His body was dangling outside the garage door while his head was pinned inside the garage. And the door was completely closed. On his head. Because the door itself is quite slick, he was unable to gain any kind of traction and was just kind of swinging there....scrambling around. With no head. Because it was still inside the garage. I shit you not. I ran over and hit the "open" button on the outside control - and nothing happened. It had sensed a jam and wouldn't open. Great. Just frickin' great.

So, I run to the inside of the garage to hit the emergency release. By this time all hell has broken loose. The cat is (obviously) still screaming, the dog is barking like mad and Mike (the donkey) starts his old hee-haw routine. It was an absolute shit show. I popped the release and managed to get a little slack so his neck wasn't pinched so hard, but he still couldn't get any traction to get himself out. I wheeled the door all the way up and he came rocketing out over the top of the door. Kitty-rocket style. Shaken, but alive! With a head!

He came over for some pets and seemed OK. I grabbed my ring and headed out. And I think if I hadn't gotten out of the car to go get my ring I wouldn't have heard him and he could have been swinging there by his neck all day until Todd got home.

How we say, "Just another day on the farm?"

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  1. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. I knew a cat who was killed this way once when I was little and FOR SERIOUS, this brought back traumatic memories!! SO. GLAD. Theo is okay...Theo and Henry need to live forever, so any scenario that compromises this dream of mine is all kinds of awful.