Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quick Goat Update:

We are still too afraid to let the goats out of the chicken coop, so Todd has been moving them every day so they're on fresh grass. Every day after work we've been upgrading the fence - as we DO NOT want a repeat escape like last Saturday. We have added additional hot wires to hopefully prevent a breakout. Ronald Weesley (the buck. God I hate that name...) is oh-so-patiently awaiting the release of his girlfriends.

A couple of genius ideas:

1. The goats could shimmy under the (non-electrified) gates. So, night before last Todd and I spent $25 and two hours shoveling dirt under the gates to raise the ground level to the gates before we realized it was much easier (AND FASTER) to just lower the gates. Fricking brilliant.

2. We're having a garage sale this Saturday, which coincides with our planned goat-release day. At any given time there should be extra people around. Extra people, that is, that can chase loose goats. Now that's brilliant!

More to come after the planned release.....

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