Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Playdate!

Colt had his first official play date this past weekend with Lyla, who was born about 2 weeks before he was. She is such a cutie pie! Sunday was beautiful and we had a BBQ (first of the year!) and let the kids play next to each other on blankets in the grass. It's crazy how babies react to other babies. They immediately made eye contact and started trying to touch each other. Too funny. 

A happy baby!

So, Lyla obviously had WAY cooler toys than Colt because he immediately lost interest in his toys and wanted to play with hers. She would grab each one, shake it around, bite it, put it down and move on to the next one.

Colt: "My shaky ring sucks. Hey..that's cool. What is that?"
Lyla: "Don't come any closer."

Colt really showed an interest in her key link chain. It made a really cool noise as Lyla banged it around and he wanted to have it. So, he was patient. And the second she put it down he grabbed it.

Colt: "That is sooooo cool."
Lyla: "I know. Don't I look cool chewing on it? Hands off buddy."

Colt: "I love Lyla's picture book. Let me take a look at it."
Lyla: "I said hands off buddy."

Colt: (distracted, obviously) "Hi mom!"
Lyla: "I'll be taking that book back, thank you."

Colt: "WWAAAaaaaaaa."
Lyla: "I told you. Hands off."
It was so funny: Lyla and Colt each had an end of the chain link toy and were both pulling on it. Colt lost his grip and Lyla ended up with the whole toy, which totally sent him off the edge crying. Lyla looked at him like he was crazy and then started laughing a little, which made him cry harder....but made us all laugh! It wasn't on purpose, but was too funny.

Aren't they the cutest things ever?

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  1. So very, very cute. Love the photo captions. Nothing cuter than two babies playing together!