Monday, December 14, 2009

Operation Vermin Control

We have for several months now been fighting a battle with two of our friendly neighborhood raccoons. They sneak into the garage at night and help themselves to the cat food and water. Cute, yes. But a little irritating. It became really irritating when they, apparantly wanting more than what I was feeding the cats, tipped over the tupperware container holding the cat food and helped themselves to 5 lbs of cat food, buffet style. Three times.
And, to no one's surprise, I have had a difficult time with the mechanics of the trap door on the live trap. Sometimes simple workings elude me. In fact, I have set up and caught, then released said raccoons approximately three times. I never seem to get the trap door right. Until yesterday. Oh yes, read on....

Scene: Our bedroom, 3am this morning.

Todd is preparing to leave for work and heads out to his truck parked outside our bedroom window. Tromp, tromp, tromp, then tap, tap, tap on the window.
Todd (through the glass): "Did you move the trap? It's way down by the blackberries."
Me: "No. Check it. It probably has a cat in it."
Tromp, tromp, tromp.
Todd: "Nope. We got a 'coon! I'll get it after work."
Me: "You can't leave it there all day."
Todd: "They live outside. He'll be fine."
Me: "It's inhumane to leave him there all day. Can't you take him to work and let him go?"
Todd: "Fine."
Tromp, tromp, tromp. Back to the trap. "Ouch! Dammitt! #$%$%^ man."
Tromp, tromp, tromp. Back to the window.
Todd: "He's crazy. He went after me when I tried to pick the trap up."
Me (half asleep):  "Maybe some gloves....?"

I hear a gun cock, then tromp, tromp, tromp. *pause*        

      BLAM.            Silence.

Truck tailgate goes down. Trap in bed of truck. Tailgate goes up. Truck drives off. Hmm.

So, then I start thinking "I wonder if the neighbors called the cops?" Because that kind of behavior is normal: yelling through the windows in the middle of the night, yelling back from inside the house, tromping around, gunfire, vehicle traffic after shots are fired. Our neighbors love us. Perhaps I should call and tell them I'm OK....

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