Monday, December 28, 2009

Can't We All Just Sleep Through The Night?

About 1:15am this morning I hear that horrible, unmistakeable noise coming from the dog bed. Rggh. Rggh. Rggh. Nothing can be mistaken for the sound of a dog about to barf. I leap from bed and ask Griz, "Do you need to go outside?" To which he promptly answers, "YES!!" as he bee-lines for the back door.
Great. So, I think to myself, "Todd will be up in two hours. You can sleep outside until then."
Right as I fall back asleep I hear the scratching on the back door. It was cold and I know he doesn't like to sleep outside, so I reluctantly get up again and let him back inside. Ahhh. 2:15 - back to sleep.
Rggh. Rggh. Rggh. AGAIN? 2:45am?? Come on...just one night of sleep? Uninteruppted?? Luckily Todd had responded to this one and out Griz went again.
3:15am. Todd's alarm goes off. Up again. Back to sleep. 5:15am. My alarm goes off.
And you know what the super-sucky thing about all of this is? Not Todd, nor Griz nor myself got a full night's sleep - but Colt did. I'm glad someone did. 'Cause he's just so damn cute when he's sleeping!!

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