Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Our crazy-busy weekend wouldn't have been complete without a trip to Seattle for the Mariner's game on Sunday. Todd totally scored front row tickets right at the end of the Mariner's dugout! We even had a parking pass to a separate parking garage and access to the Terrace Club where there was tons of food and drink and, in my opinion most importantly, way nicer bathrooms.
Had I realized just how close we would be to the players I would have brought a pen to get some autographs. Alas, all we could do was enjoy the action. The first thing I realized and commented on was just how BIG the players are. Not big like blimpishly big, proportionally correct, just bigger. Except Ichiro. He's so cute and small. Well, probably average compared to the other monsters. I swear Saunders is 7 1/2 feet tall.

I liked being so close to the action and I'm sure Todd thoroughly enjoyed all the new friends he was making. And by friends I mean the players who, remarkably, when you are that close can AND DO talk back to you! Not like we'll have any of them over to dinner any time soon, but when Todd was wondering what Bedard's shoulder status was he just hollered down to him and asked him about it. (In case you're wondering he's out for the season.)
And when Beltre came off the field with a pop-out he had caught Todd hollered, "Hey Adrian, toss me the ball." and he did. We almost scored another ball later on when Tinsley (the first base coach) came off the field with one and Todd asked him to toss it up. He underhanded it and it landed 3 rows behind us and some lady stole off with it. He was probably only slightly offended when Todd yelled, "That's why you're a coach and not a player, huh?"
And when Todd suggested to Langerhans that he hit another homer like the one from the night before he shrugged and said, "We'll see."
I was in awe. You get a pretty good feel for it on TV, but in person is just so much more, well, in person. All in all the game was awesome. The seats were amazing, the bathrooms were clean (and carpeted!) with NO lines, the food was good, the players were so cool and with the parking pass we had we just walked from our seats across the sky bridge to our car and were let out immediately right onto I-5. A total success. And, oh yeah, they won too!

A ding to the old checking account, but still so much fun.

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    Of course, we were in section 321, the players looked like midgets, and we had three kids with us all asking if we could leave and get back on the train. ;-) But still fun.