Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank God for Chiropractors

Sooooo...the whole "bucking bales" thing left me a little, say, sore in the back area. Apparently strained muscles in the front goes hand in hand with outta-whack in the back too. I woke up yesterday with symptoms of voodoo-doll pin in the spine pain that would nearly drop me if I bent ever so slightly and lifted anything of consequence. I'm talking pain in my lower back that made me stop breathing momentarily and grab for the nearest counter.
Next stop: chiropractor!!
I'd been to the chiropractor when I was about 3 months along...ya know, when it was still comfortable to lay on my stomach and get wrenched around.
So, the whole drive in I'm wondering how in the world she's going to fix my back with me laying on my front. Because lord knows at this stage there is NO WAY I can be comfortable laying on my front. I assume the front-up/back-down position when the doc says, "Why don't we try the maternity pillow and see if that's comfortable for you. If not we'll go face up." What? We're going face down?
So, then she reaches for the back of the door where, hanging, is the oddest looking mass of pillowy/padded/upholstered material I've ever seen. I'm thinking if I were wearing a fat suit and made a plaster mold of me this is exactly what it would look like. Exactly. Wait....I already am wearing a fat suit! And then it sinks in - this thing is shaped just like me! There is padding around my collar bones, two big holes that I think my arms go through (but they don't...because as I reach to put my arms through them she says, "Those are for your breasts...if they were bigger..." thanks a lot...even pregnant I'm getting the small-chest comments) and a suspicious looking cutout for my gut to hang through that looks kinda like a hemorrhoid pillow on steroids.
I lay down on this thing and I realize it is like heaven right here in the chiropractor's office!! I hadn't realized just how long it had been since I actually laid on my stomach - and just how much I missed it! I thought about asking for some time alone so I could enjoy my new found pleasure, perhaps catch a little nap... it was an amazing feeling.
It was more like a back massage and stretch to loosen me up and a neck crack that made her say, "Wow, you really needed that one" and then I was on my way. It felt amazing. In fact, I'm going back every week until I give birth just so I can lay face down for that 15 minutes - that's how good it felt!


  1. Amen, sister! Bryan will be so happy to hear this!!

  2. My very favorite thing about coming home from the hospital after having babies is being able to lay on my stomach. AHHHHH!! I am glad that you got your back fixed!