Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Short List of Things That I Think Might Institutionalize Me....

1. I washed ALL the shoes in our closet. I mean, I took out the laces, scrubbed them by hand with OxyClean, ran them through the washing machine and dried them on the deck. We have (combined) 12 pairs of athletic shoes: 4 black, 1 brown, 2 grey and 5 white.
2. I organized the Tupperware drawer. I stacked the ones that nestle together, removed the ones that look worn and deteriorating and won't stack easily, threw out all mis-matched lids and then bought new Tupperware to compliment my size variations.
3. I ironed everything in our closet that has a collar. That includes polo shirts, dress shirts, maternity shirts, work shirts and shirts I don't even fit in to anymore. The pants are next.
4. I have, for the the second time in just as many weeks, gotten up with my husband at 3:30am and with extra time prepared that night's dinner. In fact, we're having enchiladas tonight.
5. I have baked every night this week. Muffins, scones, cakes, banana bread and zucchini bread. In fact, twice in the last two weeks I've brought freshly baked scones to work - with blueberries I picked from our own yard!
6. Yesterday before I even dropped my purse off inside or changed out of my work clothes I started organizing the garage. I moved all the garage sale stuff to one area, put all the screws and nails together, all the pipe wrenches in one area, dedicated an area to fencing supplies and implements, found all the end wrenches to complete the set we have, arranged all the plumbing supplies in easy to access boxes and lined up the screwdriver set smallest to tallest. Oh yeah - and I emptied the trash.
Tonight I'm going to run some wiring for lights and plug-ins in the barn and try to move the cow feed to a move central location. ...And all of this is possible because I already have dinner ready to pop in the oven! 350 degrees for half and hour!


  1. Ahhh, nesting. Gotta love it. When you're done, my tupperware cupboard could use some work. FYI. ;-)

  2. You rock!! And like Amy said, you are more then welcome to come organize at my house! :)