Monday, August 3, 2009

A Million Reasons to Love the Dentist

Yes, its true. I'm one of those OCD, freakishly strange people who loves going to the dentist. One of those people who loves it so much it was like Christmas when I received the insurance notice that they would begin covering not just one, but two cleanings per year! I can hardly stand the anticipation the 6-month wait brings. I love the feeling of a freshly polished mouth and admittedly I floss a lot, but the thought of having someone else doing it for me is like euphoria!
I had one of my twice yearly checkups and polishings last month that sadly enough resulted in a chipped molar that would need a little repair before it became *gasp*: a cavity.
My afternoon dentist appointment was scheduled on one of the hotter days last week and after a long, tiring day at work I was more than relieved to take a sit down in one of those reclining chairs. I was all bibbed up, lying there enjoying the cool AC blowing on me, mentally listing my to-do activities and waiting for the Novocaine to kick in when I realized this was like heaven. This was me-time. There was no one to interrupt me, no work to be done, just a totally relaxing experience where I could let my mind run.
It wasn't until I was fitted with my dental dam and tooth isolator, totally oblivious to the world, watching the assistant and the dentist passing probes back and forth that I really started to zone off. He busted out the grinder - not the high pitched whirring one - rather, the slow grinding kinda buzz saw like one and I was a goner. The last thing I remember hearing was the grinder vibrating my head ever so slightly and it was so soothing.
Then I hear, "Rikki. Rikki?"
"Can you open your mouth a little more? You're biting down on the tools."
That's right: I had been enjoying my filling SO much I was lulled to sleep by the tooth grinder; dental dam and all! Never had a quick nap felt so refreshing. I left with the inability to use the left side of my face, but feeling better than I had in days.
This makes me wonder a few things. First, is this normal? Secondly, should I get more sleep at night? Or maybe not work so hard during the day? And lastly, why would anyone fear the dentist if they had just one spin in my dentist's chair.
You'd think with all the trauma I experienced as a kid with my orthodontia I'd be scarred forever, but quite the opposite. It's amazingly wonderful...and, my next appointment is scheduled for January 2010.


  1. 1. This is not normal.

    2. Yes, you should sleep more at night.

    3. Yes, you are working too hard during the day.

    4. If you think this visit was heaven, wait until January 2010 when you have a newborn to escape from...because that, my friend, IS a little bit of heaven. ;-)

  2. I go 4 times a year. Pay only for 2 appointments. I got tired of dentist digging for gold every 6 months and getting the "do you floss?!? Why don't you floss?!? You need to floss!" My responses: "No!", "I don't like the feeling of having celery between my teeth", and "I am paying you to clean, not chastise be gentle with that pick! I agree with you that it is nice to have a clean mouth when you come out of dentist's office. I love being under the effects of Novocaine. I wish we could have it every night before bedtime. Imagine the great sleep all of us could have!

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