Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh, The Things We've Done!

I was sifting through pictures to post on the blog and I am just amazed at some of the before and after pictures of our house. The work seems endless, but in reflection, we've done so much! (Not without a ton of help!!)

Dining room before. Todd spent two days with a pry bar scraping up the underlayment so we could put our wood floor down. And the nasty yellow paint with the red under it? Yuck.

Much better. New floors and paint.

Kitchen the day we got the keys. Dingy and broken cabinets, non-functioning stove and dishwasher. No fridge. That yucky yellow paint and enough grease on the cabinets to make me think they only deep fried things.

Kitchen after. Resurfaced cabinets with new drawer hardware, pot rack, ceiling fan, flooring, appliances, lights and new stainless steel countertops.

Back of house when we got it. Overgrown lawn, railing piece missing, deck in disrepair.

Back of house now. New deck addition, lawn under control, garden installed.

Pic from original deck. Overgrown lawn, no garden, no fence, no barn, no garden.

We started with the barn....

Inside the barn...

Put in the garden and sided the barn...

getting closer....

Jazzy finally had access to the barn with temporary fencing..

...and we finally finish with the 3 rail wood fence run outs and corral.

...all that was left was to hang the dutch doors and get her a friend!

We have several more projects planned for this summer (fence front yard, install gate, redo driveway, resurface deck, lengthen driveway to barn, finish barn slider door, and so on and so on) but really we've accomplished so much already! Looking back at the pictures when we purchased the house makes me wonder what we were thinking!!

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