Monday, March 8, 2010

Big Moments!!

 This weekend was full of SO many new, cool things! Let's start with Colt's MAJOR milestones! I just can't believe how cute and wonderful he is. He's getting such a great little personality and is getting really good at grabbing things and pulling them into his mouth.

 Starting at about three months he slept through the night for the first time. I didn't, however, because I was up all night wondering if he was still breathing because he wasn't waking me up all the time. I think I spoke to soon about "how amazing he is - he already sleeps through the night!" because not a week later we were back to up 2x each night. Well, thanks to a genius plan by my friend Kristin who swore it really worked, we have a baby who has slept through the night since last Wednesday! After reading the material she sent and thinking it was very counter intuitive, Todd and I gave it a try. And it was amazing. He slept 12 hours. And has every night since. So, that's major milestone #1.

 Milestone #2 came yesterday. I had Colt on his stomach for some tummy time (he's sooooo close to crawling..) and one second he was propped up on his arms, then the next he was rolled over!! He wouldn't do it again and hasn't since, but I'm considering that a milestone!!! Houston, we have movement.

 Here are some more pics of the cutie-pie! I'll try to keep posting current pictures because he's changing so much now.

This one is from about two weeks ago, when he was about 5 months. I can't believe how much he's changed since then!

Some tummy time!  Doesn't he look so mischieveous?

How can that just not melt your heart??

Todd hates pictures of him when he's covered in food, but I think this one is just so cute! This was his first helping of rice cereal. And, although it doesn't look like he got much in his mouth, he did. He loves to hold the spoon himself (he can't scoop up anything and usually ends up putting it too far into his mouth and gagging - so I usually muscle the spoon away from him.) Cereal time is generally always followed by bath time!


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  1. I'm SO glad the sleeping thing is working...told you it would! He is so stinking cute, and is a spitting image of