Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction 101

This whole pregnant thing is bringing about all kinds of changes. Some good, some bad.... For the longest time now I've been able to get away wearing non-maternity clothes with my handy BellaBand (like a huge lycra rubber band - highly recommended) that runs over my pants and up under my shirt that covers my unbuttoned pants and the gap between my shirt and my pants. Since the clothes I've been wearing are starting to bulge and pull in places where they shouldn't be bulging or pulling, my mom and I went shopping for a few "necessities" to get me through this last 6 or 7 weeks. I refuse to pay full price for clothes I'm never going to want to see again after this is through, so we were a little limited in selection since we were shopping at Value Village.
After many, many ill-fitting non-maternity clothes I discovered that VV had a maternity section! Jackpot!! I ended up with two summer dresses (mind you, they are both very tent-like, but both very comfortable and will work great for the summer), a pair of jeans without the huge panel in front and two shirts. My mom suggested I get some leggings to wear under the dresses just in case I wanted to bend over. Apparently there is nothing sexier than an 8 month pregnant lady, legs spread for balance, bending over while (unknowingly) exposing one's backside. Right. Two pairs of leggings later we were out of there - $45 for all that stuff!!

So yesterday afternoon, in 95 Deg weather Todd and I ran into town to test drive some trucks. I wanted to sport one of my new dresses and flip flops. Comfy and fashionable - two things I don't usually pull off very well. This was no exception. I chose the black, cotton number reminiscent of a 3-man tent with pockets sewn on the front and spaghetti straps that snapped over my shoulders. I had my bra and a tank top on under the dress and couldn't for the love of God get it zipped up the side. Todd suggested I take off the tank top and because my bra straps were showing I opted to just take it off too. I was really getting into this and decided to go commando! Todd did, however, convince me to put my undies back on since we were, after all, going to be driving strange trucks all over town.

So, true to form, we park at the dealership and I go to jump out of the car. It was so hot, my dress had worked it's way up and my legs were sweaty and its not like I'm full of grace these days, so my exit from the car was a little, well, strained....

Just as I went to swing my purse over my shoulder my dress strapped snapped under the pressure and the strap went flying back and the front went flying front. Now, since I'd opted to go sans the appropriate undergarments (pesky straps showing...) I was standing there with one of the girls loose!! I think I got it covered up in time and Todd helped my reattach the snap strap, so hopefully the salesperson wasn't too offended. I was just a little bit more cautious getting in and out of the car after that. Nice.

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  1. Sooo...did your little show get you a good deal on a truck?? ;-)