Thursday, July 16, 2009

I was scanning through some of the pictures from our remodel the other day - the ones that have been printed off for over 6 months, still sitting on the desk waiting to be scrap booked - and I was thinking we have rented or borrowed a ton of really cool tools during our multitude of home renovations. The bobcat was, I think, the coolest one to operate, but lets not forget about all the
Pneumatic Tile Chipper...for taking up the old tile from the bedroom addition....
Diesel Auger...for digging post holes for our fence. It was an auger mounted on a tank track. Totally cool.
Regular Auger...only rented for a 1/2 day for a few holes we forgot with the other, cooler auger.
Ditch Witch...for that 600 foot trench from the water main to the field.
Trenching Shovel...not so cool to use (lots of manual labor...) but helped clean out the trench after the Ditch Witch episode.
Close Quarters 1/2" Drill....for drilling through the joists when we were installing the radiant heat. Yeah, never do that again....
My Dad's move dirt, move the cow shelter, till the field under, blade the parking area, pull out fence posts, remove the "island" in our front yard and so on..
The Neighbor's fill in the 600 foot trench, install a culvert pipe and brush hog the field.
The Other Neighbor's brush hog our lawn (which was 5 feet tall) right after we bought the house.
The move the 12 yards of gravel for the footing in the barn, to move the cow shelter, to drive around the field doing brodies and such...
The Vibrating Plate Compactor...for compacting the 12 yards of gravel in the barn.
The Concrete Cutter.... for the pipes for the shower, toilet and sinks in the bathroom addition.
The Surveying Leveler...for leveling the barn posts.
Plus, numerous other saws, drills, tools, implements and man hours supplied by the unsuspecting volunteers! I'd say that's a pretty good list! That and I think we should open our own rental store.

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