Monday, July 6, 2009

Does Being Pregnant Make You...Crazy?

I've heard that pregnant women can do some crazy things and really think that they're acting totally normal. So, just when I thought I could get through this whole thing without acting like one of "those crazy pregnant ladies..." I had a moment of clarity and was reflecting on some of my unexplained "different" behaviors the last few months and I think I might have joined the ranks of "the crazies."

Case study #1: Just last week after we had diligently planned and re-planned the digging of this 600 foot irrigation trench, after Todd and my dad were nearly 1/2 way done with it, I threw a fit over the placement of the water hydrant near the barn. Although, according to the pre-approved plans it was essentially exactly where it should have been I was totally convinced it was far too close to the barn and should be 15 feet further out. Lacking the ability to really comprehend the work a move like that would entail (not by me, but Todd and my dad..) I proceeded to have a 15 minute "discussion" with Todd over the obvious (to me), glaring, horrible miscalculation in our plans. After what I can only explain as a true test of Todd's patience, he was able to (again...) convince me it would be a great place for the hydrant and, without really being able to recall the original conversation, it could have, in fact, been my idea to put it there in the first place. If Todd ever decides a change of career is in the works I seriously think he should consider hostage negotiating. I mean, who really has patience like that? And the twist-your-words-around-this-was-your-idea kinda convincing was brilliant! And I'll be the first to admit that wasn't the first time he "talked me down from the bridge."

Case Study #2:

Me: "Mmmm, honey......doesn't pineapple upside down cake sound good? Wanna run to the store with me to get some stuff to make one?"

Todd: "Sure."

And there we were, parked in the Betty Crocker section of Haggen's. After gathering all the necessary items to prepare the cake I just couldn't seem to leave the baking section. All of these things were on sale! And I had my Haggen card! When would we ever see a sale of this magnitude again??! So, we left with 8 boxes of cake mix (yellow, sugar free, fudge, german chocolate, funfetti and so on...) AND 3 tubs of cake frosting! (I still have 7 boxes of cake mix and 3 tubs of frosting in the cupboard.)

Case Study #3:

Again, at the grocery store, those little Pillsbury roll-and-bake cinnamon rolls looked SO good I couldn't pass them by. So, I plopped on in the cart then, thinking one might not be enough I put in two more. (They were on sale too!) Then, when I arrived home and Todd was helping me unpack groceries he said, "What's up with the cinnamon rolls?" I say, "I was thinking of making some, but I don't really like cinnamon rolls." He says, "Yeah, me either. Why did you buy 3 rolls of them?" Me: "Hmm. I don't know. They looked good I guess."

See what I mean about the crazies? It can happen to the best of us.

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  1. That's it. You're making your own baby shower cake. I vote for funfetti. ;-)