Friday, July 17, 2009

Ahhhh. Summertime and Chip Sealing the Roads

That smell of asphalt and gravel trucks just confirms it is indeed summer in the Northwest. A summer here wouldn't be complete without the total re-surfacing of the rural roads in this area. There must have been a surplus in the county's budget this year because I swear EVERY road from Ferndale north has been chip sealed. (That's where they spray tar on the road and dump 2" of sharp gravel on it, let it sit for 2 weeks while cars mash it down, then come back later and sweep of the *very little* excess rocks.")
Right. So, in an attempt to make my 6 mile commute home yesterday totally free of any rock chip accidents I actually set my cruise control at the posted 25mph instead of the normal 50mph! I stayed in the pre-smashed lanes on my side and was nearly 1/2 way home when some ya-hoo leaving work in some 4-door 1980's vintage beater, obviously going too fast and trying to be that one person who feels responsible for mashing the rocks down in the areas where no one has driven yet, passes me and flips a rock onto my windshield. CRACK. Dammit. A-hole. Now I have a nice chip right dead center in my windshield - and its going to be another week at least until they brush off the loose gravel.
And, while we're on the subject of chip sealing, why is it necessary to post 3 caution signs? One stating "Caution - Fresh Oil", another with "Caution - 25mph" and yet another stating "Motorcycles Use Extreme Caution." Do they think motorcyclists (myself included) are WAY dumber than everyone else and couldn't read the first two signs? I'm just saying....

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