Monday, July 6, 2009

Frozen Peas Anyone?

In order to keep me from ranting about how badly my crotch hurts due to the ever-widening of my pelvis, yet how very unwilling I am to give up the things I love to do (like jogging and riding horses..) I will instead focus on how very grateful I am for the large bag of frozen baby peas we buy at Costco. Things at Costco are bigger than, say, the things one would purchase at a normal grocery store. This allows a larger area of discomfort to be covered by the frozen goods. Also, the bag from Costco comes with a resealable zip top making it much easier to keep loose peas from taking over the bottom dregs of your freezer. I much prefer the zip top closure to the regular bag where you are forced to attempt to reseal it with a twist tie (those things never hold up anyhow..). Plus, after you've used, say, two servings of peas from the bag the remaining amount disperses perfectly in the bag so that when wrapped in a dish towel gives perfect crotch covering, cooling relief.
I could succumb to the inevitable and give up the horseback riding...its just that I enjoy it and its the one thing I can do that keeps me feeling like I'm not just a host body to some alien sucking the life out of me. Honestly, though, I realize the day is growing nearer to when I will bid horseback riding goodbye for a while, but until then I will continue to rely on the frozen peas and their soothing effects.
On the bright side though: once I give up riding we'll be able to finally eat the peas!

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  1. Wow. I mean, we love peas and all, but I think your household REALLY loves the peas. A whole blog post on frozen veggies? I am very. impressed. ;-)