Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Girl Panties

I spent an awesome weekend at my best friend Amy's house running errands, chatting and shopping! After battling 90+ degree weather in horrible stop-and-go traffic Friday afternoon I relaxed and chatted with Amy and some of my favorite relatives (of hers!): Grandma K and Aunt Cindy.
We slept in Saturday (somehow I consider 6:30 sleeping in now...), had some coffee (the real deal..none of that decaffeinated stuff for us) and prepped for a marathon shopping trip at Target. There wasn't actually much shopping involved as I had made the trip mainly to take her with me to register for the baby shower, but there were a few odd and ends we both needed to pick up.
Zoey, Amy's 2 year old daughter, is in the midst of potty training and as Amy explained to me we would be shopping for some "big girl panties" because in an effort to abstain completely from diapers and, acknowledging that mistakes are made, and that there are "just some poops you don't even want to bother cleaning up and the whole pair of undies just goes in the trash" they were running a little low in the big girl panty area.
Side note: There are some things people don't tell you when you go to have a kid. The most important and I think, hardest to deal with, is the fact that you don't just get pregnant and grow this cute little belly. You get pregnant everywhere. And, for me, that meant an ass that kept growing right up until I started showing, somewhere around 6 months. In fact, as I soon came to find out, one of the coolest things about "showing" in the front was that it would someday eclipse the massiveness I had already grown in the back! And, something else they don't tell you (because I'm sure if they did people would stop at one kid and the human race would sluff off the face of the earth) is that this addition to the hind end is most likely going to require bigger underwear.
So... perfect! Amy and I both had Big Girl Panties on our lists! After Amy recommended I only go one size larger (I explained that its been growing this long, what if it doesn't stop? What if I need bigger ones still, and worse yet, what if it never goes away after the kid comes? Should I buy a bulk pack?) we snagged the undies and off we went.
Fast forward: We get home where Grandma has been watching Zoey. Amy shows Zoey her new, cool big girl panties, "Aren't you excited? More big girl panties?!" And I, too, am excited. "Zoey, Auntie Rikki got new big girl panties too! Isn't that cool?" And that was followed by a look only a 2 year could give you. It seemed to say (in not so many words), "OMG Auntie. Aunties use the toilet, not their panties. Gross. How could you?" Then she walked away and was pretty much afraid to touch or talk to me the rest of the afternoon. Who says I'm not good with kids?

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  1. Fucking hilarious. NO WONDER she wouldn't go near your belly. Ha!!!