Saturday, November 14, 2009

One Last Kick In The Face.

I complained a lot when I was pregnant. A lot. I'll admit it. I complained about peeing all the time, the maternity clothes, the weight, the aches, the pains, the waking up in the night and so on and so on. However, I will say I got off pretty easy when it came to the whole childbirth thing. Planned C-section. Check in to the hospital, get an IV, get a shot, have a baby, go home. Not bad at all. Very few complaints.
I do however have one final complaint. As most of you have heard I no longer drive the spacious Range Rover due to mechanical malfunctions (see the previous blog) which means I'm back in the car. The sub-compact, really cool and sporty car of my dreams with a really little trunk with a big sub woofer in it. I spent nearly 3 hours last weekend attempting to stuff my somewhat large jogging stroller into the obviously much-to-small trunk and finally concluded it just wasn't possible to have both. The woofer had to go and Todd took it out - voila! The stroller fits now.
I think I've given a lot during this whole pregnancy/kid thing. Really. A lot. But the sub woofer? Come on. This is the one last cool thing I had. The one thing that screamed "You're hip. You're cool. You're in your 20's and loving life." And now that's gone too. Because, really, I had myself totally convinced it made me just a little cooler. Bummer dude.

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  1. Mall walkers just don't own sub woofers. Sorry, dude. ;-)