Friday, November 20, 2009

Midnight Play Time

Scene: Our bedroom, 2:30 am night before last.

After finishing yet another near-midnight feeding in complete auto pilot, I'm standing there over the bassinett with my eyes closed slowly rocking Colt back and forth in some semi-concious pattern.  Although I can tell he's not asleep he's fading fast and I think to myslef if I just keep my eyes closed a little longer I can somehow will him to sleep. Right. And what fairy tale world do I live in?

I've developed the incredible ability to actually sleep while I'm standing up. I know - yet another newly discovered talent. He's still a little fussy and not asleep, so I rouse myself awake and take a peek at him. And he was laying there, staring straight up at me with the biggest grin on his little face and when he saw that I was looking back down at him it set him off into total laughing hysteria. Apparantly when you're two months old laughing equates to sucking air in your mouth in order to make a noise while smiling as big as you can.
Absolutely. Fricking. Adorable.

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