Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not Going To Be Sad To See This One Go...

We've been busy shopping for a new truck this week because I flat out refuse to drive the Range Rover after last week's "episode." I seem to have soooo many more problems driving that thing then Todd does. Seriously, it respects him. And it hates me, obviously.
So, a little history on the Range Rover: we purchased this car 2 years ago as a bigger, more reliable vehicle that could carry the dog, the stroller the baby, the groceries and tow a trailer. Plus it looked really cool and had tons of cool electronic features like air ride suspension, navigation and on and on..
When Colt arrived we decided it was easier if Todd took over driving the car and I took the RR. With all my time running around, jogging, shopping and shuttling it just seemed easier. Right.
I've been having small battles with the RR ever since I took possession of it. For instance, whenever I put the left turn blinker on the windshield wipers come on. And, sometimes when I'm driving it displays an "EAS Fault" and says "Slow to 35mph max." Hmm. That's nice. Then it will be totally normal after I restart it.
Well, last week on my way to mall walk (because thats what I do now. I've aged 30 years in the last 2 months.) with my mom, the dog, the baby and the stroller in the car, turning right on to a very busy road it started beeping and displayed "gearbox failure." WTF? What's a gearbox and why's is failing in the middle of the intersection?? Well, turns out the gearbox is directly related to the transmission. In other words: the part the makes the car go. The RR was running, stuck in the middle of the intersection, beeping and flashing "gearbox failure", and the engine would only rev when I pressed the gas. Super. Because there's nothing like being totally stranded with your mom, the dog and the baby! Not like we could all fit in the back of a tow truck.
 I managed to get 'er going and we limped to the mall. And, upon leaving the mall the RR would only make this weird clicking noise when I turned the key. I didn't leave the headlights on dome light on so this was most unexpected. I cranked and cranked and it finally fired up. I skipped the errands and headed straight home and half way there got the good old "EAS failure - slow to 35mph." Right on. This just kept getting better. And, oops...there go the windshield wipers again.
I spent the whole next day reorganizing the car and haven't driven the RR since. And I won't. It hates me, I swear.

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