Thursday, May 20, 2010

How To Find Your Kid at Daycare

So, Colt goes part time to a small in-home daycare near my parent's house. And by small I mean six kids total. And two of them are her own kids. So we're looking at four extra kids there. Not a real difficult time telling which one is mine.

That said, there is the cutest little boy, Fenley, who is about two, maybe two and a half, who also attends the daycare and appears to be the official "watcher of the parents." Completely adorable. When I drive up he's patiently standing at the front bay window on the lookout for expectant parents. He then loudly exclaims as I'm walking up, "Baby Colt's momma is here. Baby Colt's momma is here!!" and then is most often followed by his proclamation of which parent is next to arrive. Usually, "I think Sarah's momma is going to come next for her. Or my momma will come next." And he is always right. Because he and Sarah are usually the only two other ones there!
So, Monday as I approached the house I here the usual, "Baby Colt's momma is here!!" and the following conversation took place:

(Meeting me at the front door) Fen: "You are Baby Colt's momma."
Me: "I am indeed."
Fen: "Are you taking Baby Colt home to see his dadda?"
Me: "I am. We are going home to see his dadda."
Fen: "That's what I thought. Let me show you where Baby Colt is."  

Then, looking at me like, "hello?" he waves me to follow him into the front room where Colt is sitting with Sarah. He then marches over to Colt, pats him on the bottom, points to him and says, "Yes. This one is Baby Colt. Baby Colt is right here. Baby Colt, this is your momma and she is going to take you to see your dadda."

How stinking cute is that?

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  1. SO cute. I love this age--statements of fact are their area of expertise.