Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Few New Pics!

It's about time to pack up the play mat. He loves to take the links off the bars and chew on them! He tries to pull himself up using the rods of the play mat and tips the whole thing over on top of him.

I swear this baby would go anywhere with you as long as he can ride along in the backpack! He loves his daddy!

Here's the usual shot in the Bumbo. (Notice how good I'm getting at not getting all the wine glasses!!) 
8 months! Can you believe it?

Colt's first 5k! Auntie Amy and Zoey were up visiting from Puyallup last weekend and invited us to do the Alzheimer's walk in Fairhaven with Michelle, Amy's sister. The weather was beautiful! The course went from the Fairhaven Green to Boulevard Park and back. So gorgeous that morning! We completed the race and walked back to Boulevard Park so Zoey could play at the playground (which was a perfect nap time for the little guy.) It was awesome to see Amy and catch up!

Who loves his Auntie Amy??