Thursday, May 21, 2009

Welcome to Blogging 101!

Todd and Rikki make their debut on the blog!! Who would have ever thought the day would come. Mostly I think facets like facebook, blogging and the such are avenues for sexual predators and internet luring. However, with that we are with our very own blog!!

My intent is to be able to keep everyone updated with our ever-changing lifes!! We have, after all, in the last year acquired a sailboat, bought a house, completely remodled the house, fenced 5 acres of property, bought some beef cattle, acquired a horse, put in the garden, travelled a few times to the Caribbean, and - oh yeah - are about to have our first kid!!! Who says we're not busy!!

So, without further's the blog. Follow at your own risk.

- Todd and Rikki

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