Friday, May 22, 2009

The House - Before and After

In retrospect, when Todd and I bought our house this time last year we really, seriously, underestimated the amount of money, work, help, supplies, paint, labor and overall patience this place would need. I mean, how hard could it be? Massive internal sheet rock patching, new floors, new paint, new trim, new fixtures, new appliances, new septic system, weed eating, lawn mowing (we could have baled our lawn the first time we mowed it!), barn building, gardening, new wiring, new heating system, new plumbing, and, oh - the master bedroom/bathroom/walk in addition all seemed very do-able to new home owners!

However, looking back, the 2 months of renovations before we even moved in followed by the 2 more months of living in the spare bedroom without heat or hot water certainly was trying at times. Say, for instance, the time in late October when Todd, travelling on a business trip in South Carolina, called to ask how I was doing. Well, frankly, I was freezing (no heat will do that to you), watching TV from a lawn chair in the front room, hadn't showered in 2 days (no hot water will do that to you) and yet, somehow, was still really excited to hear Todd talk about yet another day of beach going, board walking and dining out. His hotel even had hot water!!! That phone call ended with me in tears, telling him he could pick me and the dog up at my parent's house when he got back to town - I wasn't staying there one more day! I packed a bag, put the dog in the car and went to where people do normal things - like shower and sit by the fire watching TV.

We sure have come a long way though. The house looks fantastic! Thank you to all the people who spent endless weekends as free laborers! I wanted to post some before and after pictures so everyone could see the progress. They don't do it justice, but enjoy none the less.
And, a couple of observations: 1. its always easier to build from the ground up rather than remodel from the outside in. 2. Always keep enough food and beer for the free help or they won't come back.

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  1. Amen to the beer and food in the fridge. Did you have to open any bottles of wine with an electric drill??