Friday, March 11, 2011

Who ARE These People. Seriously.

So, I just got back from the grocery store in what has to be the weirdest 10 minute drive EVER. About half way there in the 45mph zone a little kid (maybe 10?), on a bike, with NO helmet, dressed in a black and grey hoodie, headed towards oncoming traffic, riding in my lane because there was no shoulder appeared out of nowhere and I had to swerve in to oncoming traffic to avoid crushing his every bone. Geez.
Not 50 yards later....another person, a walker, thug-villain style with his pants down around his knees, ALSO dressed in a dark hoodie, trying (not really) to get off the road so I wouldn't crush him.
Nearly a mile later I was slowing to take a left in to the grocery store when I see something in the middle of the intersection that I SWEAR was the elusive and scarcely seen Cascade Grizzly Bear. Just when I'm about to take out my stun gun and cap the bear (no, I don't really have a stun gun, but it sounded good), a PERSON leaps from the sidewalk and runs DIRECTLY in front of my car and pulls the bear by it's collar to the sidewalk. Only then do I realize it's not a bear: its a HUGE dog. And there are three more on the sidewalk. Huge like bear huge. Who in their right mind takes four St. Bernards out off leash walking in the middle of the night (OK. It was 7pm - but it was dark!)? I swear.
Now, in retrospect, I'm going to say the brown sugar wasn't worth the trip.

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