Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is It The Weekend YET?

Scene: Our bedroom, day before yesterday. It's dawn, kinda.

I roll over and grogily say to Todd, "Is it a weekend today?" Decent question, I thought, since it was sorta light out and Todd's alarm hadn't gone off and Colt was still asleep.
To which he answered, "OH Shit!!" And, being the master of non-verbal communication I inferred it was not, in fact, a weekend.) So, we rocket out of bed and scramble off to work.

And, a couple of things I thought of after the fact:
  1. I have always relied on Colt to be my back-up alarm. He's obviously becoming unreliable.
  2. When did it become acceptable to not know what day it is? Really. Pre-baby was like a countdown to weekend fun. Now it seems every day is Groundhog Day. Up at 6:00, bottle, diaper change, shower, pack lunch, start car, work....
  3. Cat barf on the hood of your car the one day you're late to work only makes things worse.

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