Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some New Pics!

Colt is becoming the absolute cutest thing ever!! I mean, don't get me wrong - he's always been adorable, but he's starting to interact so much more now! It's becoming hard for me to even remember the days of crying fits (for absolutely no reason whatsoever) or the sleepless nights and midnight feedings. Every day he looks more like a little man and does amazing things. I remember when you couldn't get him to grasp a toy for very long and now I see him smashing his plastic keys all over his exersaucer. Or, I'd put him in his bassinette at 8pm, fast asleep, realizing I'd be up in two short hours to feed him..again! And now when he goes to sleep I often times find myself wide awake in the middle of the night wondering why he's not awake, staring at him fast asleep! This weekend he's making the big move to the crib because he tops out the bassinette. If he streches out, his head touches one end and his feet touch the other. I often times find myself saying things like, "Remember when he used to do this? That was when he was a baby. Now he's all grown up." Right, because pushing 4 months is "all grown up", right? Right. All grown up. And the cutest thing ever. Every day he does something new -  the other day during a diaper change he laughed. A real laugh. Not the sucking-in-air thing he usually does. A real, genuine laugh. And during dinner when he's in his Bumbo chair he and Todd talk about his day. Swear its the funniest thing ever.
Todd: "So, how was your day?"
Colt: "Rrrggg. Rggg. Woooaa.."
Todd: "Oh. Really? What did you do?"
Colt: "Aaahhh. Rrrraaa. gaaaaa."
Todd: "Oh, you got your diaper changed? Really?"
Colt: "Arrrr. Ahhhh."
Todd: "Oh no she didn't? Mommy would never do that."
Colt: "ArRRRR. GaaaaaaAAA."
Todd: "Oh, you went on a walk. Sorry. I misunderstood you."

So, here's a few pics to show him grow!

2 days - coming home from the hospital!

One week!

About 4 weeks

8 weeks

9 weeks

11 weeks

And might I add to the last picture just how funny the shirt is. It's a Christmas gift from Grandma and for those of you who don't know the story of Colt....there's a reason he was due Sept. 25th. Nine months exactly from Christmas Day 2008. That would be the Christmas we spent in Cancun. See the humor now? Too much information???

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