Friday, January 8, 2010

Shower Time Is His Favorite Least if You're a Practicing Voyeur.

 When we remodeled our house last year we did some pretty amazing updates. I don't want to toot my own horn, but far one of my absolute favorite additions is the new master bathroom shower. It's a full sized bath stall with not one, but two, shower heads and (upon my request) a bench where I can prop my foot whilst I shave my legs. It also has a completely glass front from floor to ceiling. Perfect in every sense of showering pleasure.
 Colt's not too big on the showering experience, but rather prefers a nice warm bath. (This probably stems from the fact that the first time we took him into the shower we accidentally had the blow-your-skin-off back massaging setting on and hit him in the stomach with it. That shower didn't last too long...) And, the easiest thing to do is put him in his vibrating chair propped up facing us while we shower. This is some of his favorite and happiest time spent all day. I can't help but notice that he's a little more energetic, laughable and all around happier staring at us from his chair. Our shower time truely is some of his best time. I can call his name from the shower and his face lights up as he looks me dead in the eye and starts squealing back at me. He smiles a huge smile and attempts a laugh (which is mostly just a huge smile while he sucks air in.) His arms flail around like he's a karate master and he pumps his little feet like he's sprinting the last 40 meters of a marathon. Seriously entertaining.
 Then I got to thinking the other day he was really enjoying this. Like seriously enjoying it. And what if the watching people shower for entertainment value thing never goes away? What if he continues down the path of voyeurism? What if we're paving the road for some creepy shower-gawking teenager? Then I tell myself "who cares?" Twenty minutes of a quiet, entertained, completely placid baby is worth the potential long term effects.
 That said, we might be switching to a Pack-n-Play in the front room from here on out. One can never be too safe.

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