Friday, September 25, 2009

Putting the "Steam" in "Steamroller."

If you know me well enough you know my acute ability to spot the very obvious disguised in the not-so-very-obvious world. Ya know, the things most people link together in their first, say, 10 years of life and those who don't would never tell you that as adults they've just discovered something everyone else already knew.
Right. There we were, the three of us headed to the UPS store to send a fax yesterday. The whole strip mall parking lot was torn up as they were resurfacing the entire thing. We slowed for the crosswalk when I looked over and saw what appeared to be a steam roller gassing up, but there was no pump - they had the hose running right out of the side of the grocery store. Now, since my operation I have been on some pretty strong meds (like 800mg ibuprofen...) and even in my drug induced stupor I knew you don't run gas pumps out of a grocery store.
So, I say to Todd, "Are they putting gas in that thing? Or, wait, it looks like they're filling it up with water? What do you think the water's for? To weigh it down?" Because the only possible explanation for filling a steamroller with water is to weigh it down...right? Then Todd answers, "Well, they're filling it with water because its a steamroller. I think they make steam from the water."
Ah ha! I get it. Never thought about it before, but I get it now. STEAMroller. Right.
Don't even get me started about the day (last year...) I discovered the warning on hairspray "Contents Under Pressure" actually means that the internal contents are under pressure, not that the can will somehow spontaneously "content" under pressure. Subtle difference....

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  1. And I thought ponies would eventually grow up to be horses until, oh, about three years ago. No wonder we're best friends.