Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And......No Baby!!!

It's true: we're back from vacation, safe and sound, with the baby still on the inside!! Try as we might, we just can't get the baby to come out any sooner than he wants to.

There was one moment during out 4 day stay when I thought would just be oh so NOT the right time to have a baby.....the first 3 days were beautiful and peaceful and we were able to enjoy walks, bike rides and Todd and my dad spent a decent amount of time fishing. Then, Saturday night, a huge rain/winstorm blew in.

Todd and my dad thought it was the perfect time to take the car for a drive and explore some back-woods gravel driveway they had found earlier that day. My mom and I were hanging at the cabin and I was doubled over some pillows on my bed trying to stretch my back. The somewhat "rustic" sleeping arrangements left a nerve in my back pinched and at times it seemed like it would drop me without warning. So, there we were: my mom (who was partially convinced I was having back labor...and had actually started worrying me too..) and I shacked up in the cabin with the car and guys gone when the power went out. Great. Just great. That would have been the time - but no. All 3 of us made it back just like we had left.

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  1. Oh come can TOTALLY push something the size of that sheep out of your body. Weenie.

    Glad you guys had a good trip, and you didn't go in to labor in some "rustic" cabin with no electricity and only your mom in attendance...although I have the utmost faith that she could have totally delivered him with no problems.