Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Saying of The Year?: Shit Like This Doesn't Happen to Normal People.

Well, the call from the water association went something like this: "So, Mr. Smeltzer, you guys using extra water up at your place? I mean, your water usage this month is, like, DOUBLE what it usually is!"

Let's think: we've slaughtered nearly every animal on our property in the last 2 months that consumes water. Most of our landscaping was killed during our remodel this year, so we're not watering anything. And, let's face it: we're a bit past the "honeymoon phase" and showering just doesn't seem as, well, pressing as is used to. So, theoretically, we should be using LESS water.

And the conversation went on: "Well, Mr. Smeltzer, you guys been using A LOT of water. Think you might have a leak? Better check."

The though struck my mind to put it off until the morning. I mean, it had been leaking this long, right? What's one more night. We could regroup, reassess and attack the issue in the morning. When it was light. And the hardware store was open, right? Oh, common sense...what were YOU thinking!

So, off we went, shovel in hand, looking for a big puddle of water. And, you ask, what did we find when we checked? A GIANT F-ING leak at the T this side of the meter box! One shovelful and it was like hitting black gold - only of the water variety. Sixty pounds of water pressure spewing forth from the pipe clamps! Obviously the water needed to be shut off. And fast! But, of course! The water meter takes some type of special tool. That's genius - let's make a shut off with a special tool for a valve someone is only going to use if there is an emergency!! Seriously! Great idea! Todd managed to shut it off with some channel locks, but I'm pretty sure we'll never, ever be able to use that 'special tool' on it ever again. Which is OK as I don't foresee ever having this kind of problem again.

So, we've spent the better part of a cold night in the dark on our hands and knees trying to fix a water leak. It's mostly fixed.....well, it's just dripping a bit. Todd, being the awesomeness that is Todd, already has someone lined up to come fix it tomorrow morning while we're at work. Which was WAY better than my plan which was for us both to leave work at lunch and struggle the entire afternoon trying to repair it. My absolute favorite home repairs are the ones that someone else does while I'm at work.

I included a lovely picture of tonight's events, mostly because the video footage wasn't "family friendly". Todd expressed with *great enthusiasm* how excited he was with my decision to put the flashlight down and take some pictures. You can see in the photo how well he's communicating with the broken pipe...