Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh No You Didn't...

I've often wondered what it would be like to be a guy and buy clothes or underwear for your girlfriend/wife. You could never win that one. Really. If you buy something that's too big then she's going to say, "How huge do you think I am? A-hole." And, if you get too many sizes too small she'd say, "You have unrealistic ideas about my size." and feel like a heifer for months. If you buy the right size she'd be mortified to know someone other than the dry cleaner knew her real size. Any way you cut it you'd lose.

So, what was I thinking trying to buy Todd some new jeans today? Really. Let's set the scene: me, at Costco (who shops retail these days?), combat shopping with my parents and the cranky baby. (A cold weather snap is like the end of the world around here and everyone and their mother rushed to Costco this afternoon to fill up on canned goods. I swear.) Todd is in desperate need of new jeans an I found two great, reasonably priced pairs and threw them in the cart. Some could argue I'm not, umm, "detail oriented", but I was totally sure I had the right size.

I arrive home, proud of myself, and sure Todd would love his new jeans. He walks in and I show him my prized possession: his new pants! Da-dah!!

..and the silence...and the head shaking..and the "How short and fat do you think I am?"  "Jigga-what?" Obviously not the "Thanks so much! How did you remember what size I wore? You're amazing." stuff I had imagined.

Apparently my take on Todd's size and Todd's real size are very different. A simple slip of the mind (not that my mind is slipping...) And, to top it off "You've bought the wrong size the last three times!!"

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  1. I think that I must be the rare exception to this rule. My husband buys almost all of my clothes. Sure some are a little on the tight side, but I think that's on purpose. But luckily for me he has great taste, and it's not limited to clothes. He also has bought me some super cute shoes, and bras too.

    Speaking of Costco jeans however, I think I need to make a quick trip in there. I managed to find some there that will actually fit my husband and that is a feat that is almost impossible in Bellingham!!