Tuesday, February 1, 2011

40mph and a Full Stop.

Not that I speed everywhere. Or, hardly anywhere. Let's be serious  - I have a toddler in tow. But, on my way to work this morning I followed one of the most irritating drivers in the county. Now, let's preface by saying I wasn't in a hurry either. I was a good 20 minutes early for my commute. I had my coffee. Second cup and was on my way to drop Colt off at my parent's house. Early. Not in a hurry. Driving the speed limit. Enjoying my morning.
Then, I fall in behind this SUV half way to work. Crossing our first major byway I notice his first full stop and three second pause before crossing the road. It's a busy road, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but there were no cars coming.
The next intersection only has three stop signs and one road has the right of way. As we approach the carless intersection (and I could tell because it was pitch black and level ground and no headlights to be seen for miles...) again, a full on stop (complete with turn indicator - which I appreciated) followed by the three second pause and then he made his turn and gently accelerated again. Topping out at 40mph (although the posted speed limit was 45mph) I followed on. At first it was cute: a driver who followed the rules and didn't speed. Different. But, I grew a little tired of nearly rear-ending this guy twice.
The final straw came on the last 4-way stop before I turned off the main road. It's a four way all stop with a blinking red light at an area where traffic can be seen approaching for a good two miles in every direction. I was turning right, as we he too (again, blinker on much further ahead of time than legally required). I'm not lying when I say everyone. Everyone. rolls through that intersection. Visibility is high, traffic flow is low and seriously everyone rolls through it. I'm not endorsing this as the right thing to do, I'm just saying think about how much gas you save by not stopping and resuming speed. Skewed logic? Perhaps.
So, I know this guy is going to blow this stop sign. And, did he? NO!! Blinker, complete stop, three second pause and slow acceleration to 40mph (again, 45mph posted speed limit). ARG! After nearly rear-ending him a third time, I couldn't contain my frustration and thought some very bad thoughts about him (the baby was in the car and I don't want his second language being pirate-speak like his mother).
The last intersection where I turn to go to work or to my parent's house approached and I was glad to be getting out from behind this guy. I knew he wouldn't be turning towards my parent's house. And he didn't: he turned right and went to MY WORK. I work with this guy! This irritating by-the-book, rule-following, slow driver! I work with him! Awesome.

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