Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Please Park the Lawn Mower.

This actually happened tonight:

At about 8:00 tonight, I jumped on the lawn mower to "clean up" some of the clippings from mowing the lawn yesterday. After that I thought I'd just do a small area behind the garage. Then, I thought I'd just do the fence line (afterall, tomorrow IS weedeating day!), then I thought I'd do MORE fence line, then I just decided to mow about 2 acres of our 5 acre field. Because that's totally normal, right?
Well, half way through the field I came back up to the house to re-fuel and Todd says, "You need to call the farrier back. He just called."

"Cool." I call, no response. So, I leave Todd with my planner (to schedule my appointment while I finished mowing the field - obviously) and head back out.

When I finally finish (after 9:00 sometime), I say to Todd, "Did anyone else call?"
"No. Oh, wait - someone DID call. Your sanity. It said it wants you back."

To which I reply, "Hmm. I thought I had that number disconnected."

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