Friday, November 5, 2010

Ok..FINALLY! Vacation Stuff!

Just a little late with the vacation updates. Most people have heard the stories, but here are some of the highlights:

First stop (after Todd's maniacal 8 hour driving binge) was a nice, homey rest area with signs everywhere stating "Keep Your Animals In The Vehicle!! MANY DOGS HAVE DIED HERE." followed by a sign depicting (which I wish I would have taken a picture of) a dog jumping over a small wall to it's death. That was awesome. The views were nice, but kinda made me nautious.

Day #2: Crater Lake. That's a look of joy, isn't it? "Take one more picture. I dare you." doesn't it? I'm actually thinking, "One more mile in that hell wagon and I'm going to kill something." Incidentally, it was my birthday that day and Todd surprised me with a bottle of Crater Lake wine and some earrings I love!

...ahh...that's better! One big happy family at Crater Lake.

Day one of actually camping at a campsite. Those are newly purchased camping chairs because me, being ever-so prepared, forgot to pack the ones we already owned. I also forgot extra diapers and salt and pepper, but that's another story!

OK. This is our (and by that I mean Todd's) first attempt at emptying the poo holding tank. Went pretty well by all accounts. I say that because I was inside with the baby and dog avoiding the pouring rain that had started and lasted two more days of our trip.

...and I did manage to get a great picture of the Poo Monster from inside the RV. Man, whatever you do, don't go out there!

This is where the other fellow dumping his poo tank convinced Todd he'd just come from the best National Park ever!! and we deviated from our plans and headed south in to California. Next stop: Lassen National Park!

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