Friday, August 20, 2010

Not Anything....Just Your Every Day Blonde Moment.

I wouldn't normally post something that makes me look foolish. Right. I would never do that. This one even made me laugh at myself!!

A few minutes ago I was leaving a comment on one of my friend's pages that read, "Not anything a quaalude won't fix, right?!" (Totally appropriate comment, don't you think?) and I just couldn't get over how weird that looked.

Not anything? Hmm. "Not anything" looks weird, right? And I just couldn't get over it. So, I sat there for about 5 minutes staring at it thinking, "There must be some better way to say 'not anything'." Why hasn't someone already invented a better word, or a better way of saying that? (Note to self: it didn't seem weird for me to spell quaalude....which I got right on the first try....that has TWO A's in a row, after a q-u, but "not anything" looked weird? I'm just saying.)

So, I rifle through my mental thesaurus and still nothing. Nothing better than "not anything." So, I moved on to my mental contraction-ator. (Self proclaimed astonishing ability where I can contract words into mini-words retaining the same meaning. Like instead of saying stove and oven, say stoven)  You get the gist...

...anyway. That is when I stumbled upon this gem: Nothing. Get it? Not anything. Nothing. No(tany)thing.
The contraction of not anything IS nothing. Genius, fricking genius.


  1. Yeah. Pretty sure all our Honors English teachers in high school would be blown away by your intense grasp on the english language. And stoven? That's genius. ;-)

  2. Hee hee hee... That's awesome! I always get frustrated when things like that happen to me.

    Also, when people say "Should of" when it is actually "should have."