Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BBQing. Easier Said Than Done

I've never really been a huge fan of BBQing. There's something so very, um, primitive about it that totally turns me off. I will admit though I'm a big fan of the no-dishes style cooking and the fact that on warm evenings it keeps the kitchen from becoming overheated. So, when the decision between the two tasks last night of mowing the lawn or BBQing dinner was to be divided Todd jumped on mowing the lawn. How hard could BBQing be? "5 minutes of each side for the chicken." he reminded me. Sure whatever. Perhaps its the fact that I like to mow the lawn sans the bagger (weighs you down) in 5th gear with my iPOD blasting that got me assigned to dinner duty.
The lawn looks fabulous! And here is what I learned:
1. 15 minutes per side for corn on the cob in the husk is too long on the BBQ. It, in fact, leaves very little husk on the corn. Husks also become flammable if left cooking too long and the corn becomes extremely dry.
2. 5 minutes per side is about right for a chicken breast on the BBQ. 15 minutes will char it and make it so dry it is fit only for chili the next night.
And, most importantly: 3. Chicken sticks to the hot BBQ and I was smart enough to realize I was going to need some PAM. However: it is imperative you spray the PAM onto the chicken and then place the chicken on the BBQ. Do not attempt to spray the PAM onto the grill. The grill has a fire going underneath it and PAM is extremely flammable.
In my opinion you're never too old to learn something new. I suspect I'll be on lawn duty next time.


  1. Please tell me you have some of your eyebrows and eyelashes left, as I can only imagine what SPRAYING PAM ON A DIRECT FLAME will do to one's hair.

    You crack me up!!!

  2. PAM - Two things to know - 'Contents under pressure' (ha!) and will leave round oil rings on your shirt when you try to put the lid back on...but it won't go...so you cram the base into your stomach while putting the lid on..and wonder why all your shirts are getting ruined!
    I'm just saying :-)